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Mika's Story

I acquired Mika from a "breeder" (using the term loosely here), in Virginia. I knew nothing about purchasing or raising a dog, and Mika was my learning dog. She taught me patience, love, and to occasionally stop and smell the flowers. She was thoroughly socialized and trained and had a rock solid temperament.

Mika excelled at hunting, both in trial and on her own. She also loved to Lure Course and would vibrate when she heard the lure machine power the lure.

Mika learned many tricks and was easily trained.  She was a foodie to the core and never missed a meal.

 I was fortunate to have Mika in my life, as she truly was a once in a lifetime dog. We went through so much together; she was my rock, and protector. Mika had the best life any dog can have, living the life of four normal dogs in her short nine and a half years.

She left this earth with dignity, never missing a meal, and being my protector until the very end. I will always feel like a very big piece of me has gone with her.