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Picking Up Your New Puppy

When you come to pick up your Semper Fidelis puppy, there a few things that you need to bring with you, or to be prepared for. I want to make this transition as easy as possible, for both you and your new family member.

Please allow about 2 hours when you come to pick up your puppy. This gives enough time for me to show you what your puppy has learned, complete the registration online and go over the contract.


1.     AKC Registration.

Bring your credit/debit card, so we can register your puppy online through AKC. We will fill out the AKC Registration form together when you come to pick up your puppy. The cost is about $30. Because I will be listed as the co-owner on all puppies, I will pay you the $10 (co-owner) fee in cash when we register the puppy. No puppy will leave with a new owner without having the registration completed. No exceptions. If you do not use a credit card, please bring a check to cover the cost of the registration and we will mail it.

2.    Balance Due.

Please remember if you have not paid for your puppy in full, this will be done before you leave with your new puppy. This can be accomplished with a bank check or money order. If you wish to write a personal check, it must clear before you leave with your new puppy, so I suggest you send it ahead of when you plan to pick up your puppy. I also accept payment via the Venmo app. Venmo is a secure money transferring service owned by the PayPal company.

2.     Leash.

If you have to drive any sort of distance, you will need to have a leash available to make potty stops. Your puppy will be leaving here with a martingale collar. Also don't forget poop bags for the ride home as well. Be mindful when you stop, and try to steer clear of high traffic areas such as rest stops. Heavily used pet areas are teeming with bacteria. Restaurants or stores (not pet stores) are better places to stop along the way for a potty break.

3.     Bring a friend or family member.

It will be much easier on your new puppy (and on you) if you bring someone along to help you with the ride home. Your puppy will do much better for the ride home if he/she can sit in someone's lap for for comfort. This will reduce the amount of distractions for the driver as well.

4.     Blankets or towels.

Just in case your puppy does have an accident on the way home in your vehicle. It also makes it easier to hang onto your puppy on the way home as well. You will receive your puppy blanket when you pick up your puppy as well.


You will receive from me: 

Your puppy's registration (we will fill out together), information packet, vet records, health guarantee/contract and your goodie bag with snuggle puppy and a few other items I have picked up for you.


***** REMINDER*****  We will be assigning your puppy his/her new registered name when you arrive. The AKC only allows 36 characters for this (unless you want to pay more), including spaces and punctuation. My Kennel name: 'Semper Fidelis' is required to be included as part of the registered name. Since this litter is the "A" litter I would like the first letter after my kennel name to start with the letter A. Years from now when someone asks me about a dog from my breeding I will easily be able to identify the puppy was from litter "A". 

Examples (note: none of these are currently being used as a registered name): 

Semper Fidelis' A New Beginning

Semper Fidelis' Altered Path

Semper Fidelis' Awesome Sauce

Semper Fidelis' Adored One

Please note that the following is not allowed in any registered name: champion, CH, champ, sieger, any form of profanity, roman numerals, male, stud, bitch, sire, dam, female; reference to any race, creed or nationality; derogatory terms, and breed names (i.e. Rhodesian Ridgeback or any part of). Remember, if you plan on competing in events with your puppy, that the registered name is what will be filled out on the paperwork each time. Shorter is definitely better.

If you wish for me to pick out your puppy's registered name, I will be more than happy to help. Your puppy's call name (the name to which you refer to your puppy at home) is your choice, however I do ask that the name not be derogatory, and does not rhyme with sit, down, stay, wait, stand, front, side, heel, or jump. Please be thoughtful, and original when choosing a call name, as this will be yelled out your back door for many years to come....  :-)