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Past dogs

Below are the dogs I have raised and loved in my home.  Click on their photos to go to their page. 


August 6, 2016 ~ December 4, 2019, aged 3 years.

Adenocarcinoma confirmed via ultrasound and biopsy

Harper was the most incredible athlete I have ever owned. She had the biggest impact on my life of any dog I've owned. Not only was she incredible on the field but she was an all around amazing, confident well-rounded dog. Everyone who met Harper absolutely loved her. She made her mark in lure coursing for 2019 finishing the year in the combined RRCUS ranking tied for #10 with limited running. In December 2019, almost a month after winning BOB at the ASFA II on Sunday, she was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma that had spread to her lungs, liver, spleen, pancreas and lymph nodes. There was nothing I could do to save her. I was completely devastated, especially with this happening on the heels of losing her mother only 4 months earlier.

I miss you Harp Harp

BIF FC Semper Fidelis' Ashes of Fire SC TT


July 3, 2007 ~ September 19, 2019, aged 12 years.

Pulmonary Osteomas, Adenocarcinoma.

Khoi was my first show dog and my first dog purchased specifically for performance. I raised her as a puppy, but she retired after showing to be a spoiled companion with her owner Sam. She had a wonderful personality and had a temperament to die for. She lived to be just over the age of 12, so had a long lived life. 

Khoi is deeply missed by her family. 

CH Intrigue'd Khoisan by Tam Lyn SC CGC TDI HIC HRQ1 HRQ2

Bred by Karla and Craig Boreiko, Tam Lyn Ridgebacks


April 23, 2012 ~ July 26, 2019, aged 7 years 
Brain tumor confirmed via CT/Neuro 

In July of 2019, Ember was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Ember had just turned seven. 
Ember was never an easy dog to live with and had an incorrect temperament for the breed (lack of confidence, jumpy, flighty, fear aggressive), but despite her faults, I loved her just the same and gave her the best life I could. 
To preserve her quality of life, I chose to humanely euthanize her.

May you finally rest in peace
BIF CH Orangewood's Intriguing Semper Fidelis, SC CGC FCh
Bred by Tom and Deborah Adams, Orangewood Ridgebacks


March 23, 2009 ~ January 30, 2016, aged 6 years 
Lymphoma confirmed via bloodwork and ultrasound

In early 2016, I had to let my boy Siege go. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma only two weeks prior. 
By the time the vet found it, it was too far spread to be able to provide further care. 
It was a hard hit as he had not yet reached his seventh birthday. He opened me up to owning a male for 
the first time and I couldn't have had a better dog to show me the way. He is deeply missed.

Run free sweet boy.
CH Intrigue's RS Lie Down With Lions CGC
Bred by Chris and Susan Morrill, Intrigue Ridgebacks 


July 3, 2004 ~ November 28, 2013, aged 9 years.

Rectal Tumor confirmed via xray and palpation 

At the end of 2013, I lost my Beloved Mika. She will be forever in my heart and

mind as the best dog ever. She was truly one of a kind and deeply loved and cherished. 

Rest in peace sweet girl.

BIF Kenya Mufasa Mika, MC RN CGC HIC TDI HRQ1 HRQ2

Bred by Jamie Faulhaber