Striving for correct, healthy, performance-driven, versatility

Our Current Dogs

Below are dogs that currently live with us. 

All dogs that live in our home are well-socialized and offered the opportunity to flourish. We attend several training classes and expect them to have manners so we can take them with us to places.
On occasion we do use a trusted pet sitter.
We enjoy competing at performance events and believe that correct
conformation and temperament is of utmost importance.
We watch the dogs health closely and base our health decisions with input from our veterinarian. We have fed a raw diet to all of our dogs since 2006 with varied sources that are frequently changed. Our dogs have yearly wellness visits at our veterinarian and have reduced vaccine and chemical exposure. We complete genetic health testing before any dog is bred.

Scrappy Coco

DC Venus' You Don't Mess with the Zohan SC Fch

Bred by Dale and Kasey Parks, Venus Ridgebacks and K-C Kennels

2016 Jul 08

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Hekima C-Timu Amani

Bred by Kirja and Per of Hekima Ridgebacks

2020 July 07

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