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CH Sengei's Gentle Tempest

Whelped: July 3, 2007          AKC Reg# HP26666108

Khoi was bred by Craig and Karla Boreiko of Tam Lyn Ridgebacks in Durham, North Carolina.

Khoi is spayed and will not be used in a breeding program, due to Autoimmune Thyroiditis.

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Health Testing

OFA Health Testing Page here

OFA Hips: Excellent    

OFA Elbows:  Normal

CERF: Normal 12/10   

Cardiac: Normal   

OFA DM/DNA: N/N- Normal

Thyroid Results: Autoimmune Thyroiditis

Click on each thyroid test below to see results: 

DODDS Thyroid January 2010 

 MSU Thyroid August 2010  

MSU Thyroid December 2011 

MSU Thyroid March 2012

After consulting with Dr. W. Jean Dodds DVM (with 40+ years of scientific research) on all of Khoi's thyroid test results, Khoi was spayed.

Allergies: Khoi suffers from grain allergies and is on a grain-free diet. Khoi has also had several adverse reactions to her 1-year and 3-year Rabies vaccines (2007, 2008, & 2011). The likely reason for these ailments was due to the underlying thyroid disease. After starting Khoi on twice daily soloxine, she lost the weight she had gained and her skin cleared up tremendously. The rising TgAA was clear evidence of thyroid disease, even though the OFA panel said she was equivocal at the time.

*** You will notice on Khoi's OFA page her thyroid results listed range from Normal to Equivocal to Autoimmune, then back to Equivocal. The reason there is such a wide range, and waxing and waning is because she is now medicated. This is proof that once you medicate a dog for the disease, they can pass the OFA thyroid test. I fully expect the next test to come back and show "normal" on the OFA scale.

 For more information on the health testing done here at Semper Fi Kennels Click Here.

Khoi's Accomplishments

Attained Canine Good Citizen Certificate (CGC) at 12 months
Earned her Herding Instinct Certificate (HIC), July 2008
Earned her ASFA Pre-Cert, July 2008
Took 2nd Place in Open at her first ASFA Lure Coursing trial
Took WB and BOS at the Raleigh show, Labor day weekend 2008
Earned her Junior Courser (JC) title at the 2008 RRCUS National Specialty
Earned her Therapy Dog Certificate (TDI) at the National Specialty, Sept 2008
Earned her Class 1 Qualifier (HRQ1) for game birds at her first Ridgeback hunting trial in Gettysburg, September 2008
Took 1st Place in at her first AKC Lure Coursing trial
Became a Senior Courser (SC) November of 2008  
For the year 2008, Ranked #8 in NOTRA
Major pointed at the Tarheel Cluster in March 2009
In May in Perry, Ga 2009: took WB, OS 3 days & BOW on Friday
Earned the first leg of her Junior Hunter title, and earned her Class 2 Qualifier (HRQ2) at the HRA trial in Lansing in May 2009
Takes 1st Place in the Am Bred class at the Regional Specialty in Lansing May 2009September 09, Tested by the American Temperament Test Society and passed with flying colors Takes back to back Reserve in Leesburg, Va, October 2009
WB and BOS in West Friendship Maryland, November 2009
WB and BOS for 2 points in Gettysburg, December 2009
Back to back reserves to the major in Bethlehem, Pa Dec 2009
Took winners for another point in West Friendship, Jan 2010
3Pt Major over Specials at an AKC Lure Coursing trial in Stormville NY, Jul 2010
3rd Place in Am Bred with 21 bitches at National Specialty 2010
WB & BOS for 2 points, Monroe Kennel Club, Oct, 2010 to finish her Championship.
NBQ & 4th place at the ASFA II in the open class, May, 2011.
Khoi is pointed in AKC & ASFA Lure Coursing.
Above, Khoi at almost ten.