Semper Fidelis Rhodesian Ridgebacks

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In Memoriam

Harper was the most incredible athlete I have ever owned. Not only was she incredible on the field but she was an all around amazing, confident dog. She never got into stuff, was not vocal or whiny, never destroyed anything and did everything we asked. She was the keeper of our first litter. In early November of 2019, she began limping. This was after taking best of breed at the ASFA II on Sunday the previous week. Thinking she had a delayed injury, we got her in to see our vet. She was diagnosed with a quad muscle injury and we began laser therapy. Within a few days she began limping on her right front leg as well. Back to the vet and a small thorn was pulled from the webbing of her right front foot. Over the next week the front leg injury waxed and waned. After a full week of no improvement we went back to the vet. A 4DX test was done for lyme disease (negative), but the vet thought it best we start her on doxycycline and carprofen in case the test was a false negative. Another week passed and the front leg got to the point she was vocalizing. Back to the vet again, this time for xrays on the front, and a full CBC and chemistry. Rads were sent off and she started on clindamycin. The next day her pain was so bad, that we took her to the ER. They could not find anything significant and sent us on our way with tramadol and an appointment with the orthopedic vet for the next Tuesday. Within 4 days the limping started to dissipate, however she began slightly labored breathing, once she began to gag, we went back to the vet yet again for xrays and bloodwork. The bloodwork showed elevated WBC and the xrays showed some abnormalities in the chest. We were referred back to the ER where they gave her fluids, more xrays, and an ultrasound which revealed enlarged lymph nodes and spleen. An aspirate of the lymph nodes indicated that Harper had carcinoma in her lungs, liver, spleen, pancreas and lymph nodes. There was absolutely nothing they could do to help her. We picked her up from the ER and brought her home. Over the next 24 hours she continued to decline and we made the choice to let her go. 

August 6, 2016 ~ December 4, 2019

We love you Harp Harp

BIF FC Semper Fidelis' Ashes of Fire SC TT

In July of 2019, we were stunned to learn that our Ember was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Ember had just turned seven in April, so this was a complete shock to us. Ember was never an easy dog to live with, despite her faults, we loved her just the same.  

April 23, 2012 ~ July 26, 2019
Rest in peace Ember

BIF CH Orangewood's Intriguing Semper Fidelis, SC CGC FCh

In early 2016, we lost our boy Siege suddenly. It was a hard hit for us as he had not yet
reached his seventh birthday. He opened me up to owning a male for
the first time and I couldn't have had a better dog to show me the way. He is deeply missed.

March 23, 2009 ~ January 30, 2016

Run free sweet boy.
CH Intrigue's RS Lie Down With Lions CGC

At the end of 2013, we lost our Beloved Mika. She will be forever in our hearts and

minds as the best dog ever. She was truly one of a kind and deeply loved and cherished. 

July 3, 2004 ~ November 28, 2013

Rest in peace baby girl.

BIF Kenya Mufasa Mika, MC RN CGC HIC TDI HRQ1 HRQ2