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This page has links to pages that I found interesting or may want to come back to. I may not necessarily agree with each article or paragraph, but would like to perhaps reference it for some piece of valuable information. There is a ton of really good information here, specifically on over-vaccination and a bunch of other  things.

Please feel free to share this page or any information on it.

The Co-Efficient of Inbreeding

The Popularity of Popular Sires 

Should Some Types of Collars Be Banned?

Linking Vaccines to Joint Disease - Dogs Naturally

Is Pet Insurance Worth it? 

Baldness and Hormone Related Skin Disorders in Dogs

Age Appropriate Exercise for Puppies

Collar Entrapment and Strangulation (CPR Techniques)

The Collared Scholar- Why I Never Socialize My Puppies

The Damaging Effects of Spaying and Neutering

Purdue Vaccine Study: Autoantibodies

Vaccine Reactions: What to Expect After Your Dogs Vaccine

AVMA Stance on Early Socialization BEFORE Vaccines are Complete

Balancing Calcium and Phosphorus in Your Dogs' Raw Diet

Mercola, Healthy Pet: Outdated Vaccine Advice can harm your pet

Kennel Cough: Three Critical Problems with the Kennel Cough Vaccine (Bordetella)

The Truth about Heartworms

Heartworm Medication Part 1

Heartworm Medication Part 2

Dewclaw Debate - Keep Them or Lose Them

Ear Tip Wounds

Food Energetics Chart

Estrogen in Chicken and Beef may Contribute to Hormone Dependent Cancers

Why Rawhide is Dangerous for your Dog

Pet Food Regulations: They Don't Protect Dogs

Important Vaccine Alert

The Importance of Protein in your Pet's Diet

3 Reasons to Reconsider Early Spay/Neuter

Early Spay/Neuter Considerations in the Canine Athlete

Lawn Chemicals Linked to 2 Types of Cancer in Dogs

Home Remedy for Tick Repellent

10 Popular Flowers you didn't know were Poisonous to Dogs

Preventing HD in the whelping box

Titers and canine vaccination

CDC admits essential oils prevent mosquitoes

The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis

Save your dog's life with three Homeopathic Remedies (for shock)

Prince Charles on the use of Homeopathy in Animals

Misunderstandings about Dog Socialization

Five steps to Prevent Cancer in Dogs

The Art of Play, 3 things you might be doing wrong

Human Medicine for Dogs Dosage Chart

Puppy Culture, Weaning Pen: Shaping Emotional Responses

Adding Human Food to your Dog's Diet is Important

Nationwide Pet Insurance

Using Diatomaceous Earth to Worm Pets

Raw Feeding Through Pregnancy - Raw Food Learning Center

Why Vets Don't Recognize Vaccine Reactions - Dogs Naturally

How to Cure Dog Diarrhea - Dogs Naturally

Dog Food: Ten Scary Truths - Dogs Naturally

Colostrum and Passive Immunity - Pet Education