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The Ridgeback was originally bred for this sport, although it is not used for hunting very much anymore. There is only one organization for Hunting trials and qualifiers: The Hunting Ridgeback Association.

  The RR does not specialize in any one type of game. The Ridgeback is very agile and fast making it ideal for birds, small game and large game. They typically have a very good nose and excellent sight. They hunt with both sight and scent, very often lifting their nose from a trail to sight in. Ridgebacks are not particularly a soft mouthed breed. Many people use them for wild boar and to protect farmlands from bear and other larger game.

The hunting instinct was once very important in the Ridgeback's history and is the reason the dog was further developed. Since very few people use their Ridgebacks for hunting anymore, the  instinct is being lost in many lines.

I believe it is very important to maintain this ability in the Ridgeback, and when I have a chance, the dogs will go to hunting trials. I hope to never see this instinct completely depleted in our breed. Our dogs have received Qualifiers on upland game birds, and small game. With someone who is interested in using a Ridgeback for hunting, I believe this instinct can be very easily brought out and trained as a young dog/puppy.

These dogs thrive best when they have a job.