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What does AKC Registered mean?

The American Kennel Club is a registry for canine pedigrees. This means that it tracks the lineage of dogs. The AKC does not verify genetic testing for dogs that are bred. The AKC does not ensure that breeders dogs are health tested or temperament tested. A "papered" dog is not a quality dog without genetic health testing cpmpleted.... you may be getting the same quality as if you purchased from a puppy mill.

Ask any potential breeders if they are doing genetic health testing, and to provide those DNA test results and certificates from the OFA. If the breeder responds with, an answer that the dogs are very healthy and up to date on everything, this is not the right answer you are looking for. If you have children it is especially important that any breeder is temperament testing when the pups are 7-8 weeks. This is how a breeder matches up a puppy with your lifestyle.   

Photo by Jenna Greeby