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Whelped August 6, 2016

Harper was whelped here at Semper Fidelis. She was unanimously the pick to stay to move forward with.

Harper is a livernose Ridgeback with a brown mask. She shows great promise as a performance dog and for the conformation ring. She has tons of confidence, going into new situations without missing a beat.

Harper is a fun, spunky, confident, sweet, fearless puppy. She is not what I would consider a crazy high energy dog, but she has shown great promise for lure coursing, and also has great prey drive. Harper has one leg of her AKC Lure Coursing JC. I have also started Harper in the show ring and she earned her first point at the very first show we entered. Harper is a laid back girl. She has never been really vocal (except for dinner time), is not a big whiner, and has never been destructive. At 16 months we could leave her out of her crate for several hours while we left to run errands. At over 24 months, she is trustworthy and doesn't get into things nor is she destructive.

Health Testing

If there is a test not listed here, please contact me or ask me.
I am open when it comes to results of health testing results. For Harper's testing I decided to go with a Genoscoper DNA test (Optimal Selection), as the results available are much broader. Harper's OFA Xrays and thyroid test will be completed winter 2018-2019.

CERF: Normal

CARDIAC: See holter test below 
Cardiac Ascultation: Normal
THYROID: Coming Soon
HIPS: Coming Soon
ELBOWS: Coming Soon
Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME): CLEAR
EOAD: Both parents high confidence clear
RR IVA DNA: Positive Homozygous (*holter tested)
RR IVA Holter: determined NEGATIVE as holter tested by NCSU
Click Here for Harper's OFA Health Page

Harper showed a minor reaction to her initial rabies vaccine (isolated small hives). No allergies or other sensitivities are noted as of 2 months. Harper is fed a prey based raw diet, with occasional pulped vegetables, and goat yogurt or kefir. Harper has been fed this way since she was weaned. We use grain free and home made treats. I add Ester-C, Vit E, Vit D, and Phytoplankton. We also use the Advanced Joint Support from Springtime Inc.


20161126 Harper completed her first class at 4Paws Dog Training, in Fallston, MD at 10 weeks of age.
201170103 Harper completed a second puppy class at Oriole Dog Training.
20170306 Harper completed a Basic Obedience (manners) class at 4Paws with Polite Pooches.
20170306 Harper attempted her AKC CGC, but did not pass the separation portion, we will try again later.

20171103 Harper earned her first conformation point out of the 12-18 month class, under judge John P. Wade.
20170801 Harper earns one leg of her AKC Junior Courser title

Below candids courtesy of Shody Lytle

At a week shy of five months of age, Harper showed her true colors of confidence: After morning puppy class, we headed to Petsmart for a social visit. It was a busy Saturday with lots of people in the store. We were approached by a man with his two teenage sons. The younger boy asked to pet Harper and as he did, the second older boy, standing only a few feet away, began having a meltdown. As he thrashed, screamed, and flailed, I recognized that he was handicapped.

I did not snatch Harper up, I kept giving her treats and telling her she was a good girl. She was not put off, nor bothered by the screaming boy. As he fell onto the floor in front of us in a tantrum, Harper continued to be the happy, upbeat, puppy that she is, watching, but not put off. After a minute, the boy's father took him down an adjacent isle to get him to calm down. We continued on our way, meeting a dozen or so more people without issue.

Her ability to take everything in stride and rebound immediately from this incident shows me that the work I put in with this litter was worth every minute.

Harper has met a variety of people, including my 94 year old Grandmother who resides in a nursing home. She has not been put off by smells or strange equipment. She has met people in wheel chairs, power chairs, on crutches, with walkers, in casts and with all sorts of medical anomalies.