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DKK Registration number: DK13187/2020
AKC Registration number: HP60855001
10 Generation COI: 2.14%
20 Generation COI: 11.9%

SE UCH DK PL CH Amazulu M'Pele in Sunshine (french import to Germany) X Lewanika Kwasa-Kwasa (Danish)

Imported from Denmark to the USA, Bred by Kirja Sorensen and Per Hansen Kennel-Hekima 

Faroe at 12 weeks

About Faroe

Birthday: July 7, 2020

Faroe is a black nosed Ridgeback who is still growing. He has lots of substance, a lovely head and correct rear that is not overdone (so common in the ring now). Shoulder layback is very nice as well. He moves correctly and efficiently. Faroe is very balanced front to rear. Faroe is a moderate sized male. 

Faroe is absolutely fearless and confident. He is sweet and incredibly smart. He has a good nose and prey drive. His favorite hobby is rolling in dead things. Faroe is incredibly confident and friendly to dogs and people. His favorite playmate is another intact male Ridgeback bred by Rosemary Throssel of Kaskazini Ridgebacks. Both boys have amazing temperaments.

Faroe has attended several lure coursing practices. He has shown great promise for lure coursing in the future, and I look forward to getting him on the field after he turns two.   

Genetic Health Testing & Health Information

Once health testing is submitted, OFA page will be linked here.

Weight- TBD Estimated 80lbs
Height- TBD Estimated 24 inches
Dentition- TBD
Hips - TBD
Elbows- TBD
Thyroid- TBD
Cardiac- TBD
Eyes - TBD
Degenerative Myelopathy -N/N - by Parentage
Juvenile Myclonic Epilepsy - N/N - By Parentage
Early Onset Adult Deafness - N/N by Parentage
Inherited Ventricular Arrhythmia 24 Hour Holter Test - Mild Arrhythmia (11 single PCVs) Will retest at 12 months.
Color:  B/B Does not carry for liver

Faroe will be health tested, collected and neutered when he becomes of age. He will add value to any program looking for diversity here in the US. If made available, all health information will be fully disclosed. 

Minor reaction: at 8 months when Faroe was Holter tested he broke out with skin bumps after being wrapped up in the adhesive stretch-tape (only where the skin was exposed (on the belly and armpits). I believe this was a reaction to the latex in the tape, as it was localized where the tape touched his body. The breakout was easily resolved. 


20200909 Flew home with Faroe from Denmark (in cabin).
20200912 We began puppy training classes with Kathy Forthman, Polite Pooches LLC. 
20201010 First Lure coursing introduction at a trial. Faroe shows great promise as a potential courser.
2021019-10 First dog show at just over 6 months old. Faroe took 1st in the 6-9 puppy class both days with very high remarks from the judge on day 1. 
20210417 Faroe was able to try out half of a course at a lure coursing trial with mild turns. He completed the leg successfully and I look forward to letting him earn his Junior Courser legs later this fall. He will not be entered competitively with other dogs until after he turns two years old, is mentally mature, and has proven that he fully understands the job. I may let him try a QC sometime in 2022 before he reaches 24 months.  

Below are Faroe's Sire and Dam

                           SIRE:  Amazulu M'Pele in Sunshine "Pele"                                                           DAM:   Lewanika Kwasa-Kwasa "Kwasa-Kwasa"                                                 

                                                                                    2020 Litter announcement for Pele and Kwasa-Kwasa 

Above images courtesy of Kennel Hekima.