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Ember's Story

Ember was born the day after Earth Day, 2012. After nearly a year of email communications, I flew to San Diego to meet with her breeder Deborah Adams, and bring her home. She flew under the seat in the cabin on our way from San Diego in a pet carrier that I purchased from the airline counter. This is the only way I recommend anyone fly with a puppy on an airline. She did extremely well and slept nearly the entire trip from coast to coast.

Before she left her breeder, Ember was micro-chipped. She also traveled with a neon-colored collar that had my phone number embroidered on it. Even though she would not have left my grasp the entire trip, I still took extra precautions just in case something were to happen.

 Ember attended doggie daycare in Aberdeen, MD several days per week until she was about nine months of age. Daycare was wonderful for her development, exercise requirements, and socialization. For more on the benefits of taking your young dog or puppy to daycare, click here. We also went on weekly outings to meet new people and visit new places.

 Ember and I have completed two separate basic obedience classes as well as show handling classes. I wanted to get her started soon after she came home, so we started a class soon after her arrival. Our regular trainer didn't start classes until several weeks later, and I felt it was necessary to get her going before that.


Ember blossomed into a wonderful, confident, dog. She loves her toys and loves to play with all dogs. She is very bonded to me and is very protective of her home and family, sounding the alarm when something is amiss.

At 18 months of age I took Ember to her first coursing practice and she did exceptionally well. She entered her first coursing trial after she turned two and earned an ASFA Best in Field her first time out. She has also earned a few AKC points in limited running.

Photo courtesy of Alan Muldawer

Photo courtesy of Alan Muldawer

Coursing photos courtesy of Alan Muldawer