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Photo credit Perscky Photography

Whelped: April 23, 2012    HP43030606 <-- Click for pedigree

 Ember was bred by Deborah and Thomas Adams of Orangewood Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Valley Center, California.

I will be forever grateful to Deb as a friend and mentor. 

Ember is red wheaten with a black nose and mask. She is 77 pounds and is 26 inches at the shoulder.

Ember earned her AKC Championship with three majors all OWNER-HANDLED by myself.


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Health Testing

               CERF: NORMAL  2015, 2016             


Thyroid: NORMAL, 2016

      OFA HIPS: GOOD      

Elbows: NORMAL via CT (information here)


               EOAD: High Confidence CLEAR                

B-Locus (liver gene): Bb  

  Ember carries the gene to produce liver puppies! :)
RR IVA DNA: Positive Homozygous (March 2017)

All health certificates are available upon request.


Allergies: Ember is not allergic to anything and does not appear to have any food sensitivities, she is fed a prey-based raw diet with occasional added veggies. She is somewhat of a picky eater when it comes to treats and other foods, but I attribute this to being fed a wholesome raw diet since she was a puppy. She did eat a grain-free kibble for about three months in 2015 (Wellness CORE) and did very well on it without any outward sensitivities.

Vaccines: Ember was vaccinated with only Parvovirus and Distemper as a puppy and again at the 1 year booster.

We follow Dr. Jean Dodds protocol for vaccines.  Rabies was given at 5 months and again at the 1 year booster according to Maryland State Law. I have seen no vaccine reactions in Ember.


Above Photo courtesy of Alan Muldawer



At 8 weeks of age Ember flew under the seat on an airplane with me from San Diego, California to Baltimore, Maryland. She did fantastic and all the worries I had were for naught.

Completed her first puppy Kindergarten class the beginning of August, 2012.

September, 2012 became an AKC Puppy STAR and completed her second basic obedience class.

Canine Good Citizen at 6 months of age at our 2012 Nationals (then she promptly ate her ribbon).

20140524 Certified to run ASFA, Littlestown, PA

2014 0525-26 Two first place and BEST IN FIELD (10 pts) Littlestown, PA

20140714 Completed her AKC QC on June 14, 2014 certifying her to run in AKC trials.

20140706 Picked up her first conformation point July 6, 2014, under Judge Ann H Roth, West Friendship, MD

20140809 Earned two points at an AKC Lure Coursing Field trial, Pennsville, NJ

20150320-21 Earned two first placements for ASFA (12 pts, one without competition), Pennsville, NJ, 

20150404-05 Two First placements and a Best of Breed for ASFA (20 pts), Littlestown, PA

20150411 Reserve to the Major under Judge Paula Nykiel in Harrisburg, PA.

20150424 Reserve under Judge Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine, Bear, DE

20150425 Winners Bitch (2 pts) under Judge Bonnie Threlfall, Bear, DE

20150426 Reserve under Judge Susan M. Carr, Bear, DE

20150503 Second place at Regional Specialty under Judge Susan St John Brown, West Windsor, NJ

20150504 Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of opposite (2 pts) 

under Judge Joy S Brewster, West Windsor, NJ

20150523-25 Three first placements two with competition, one without at an ASFA field trial (24 pts), Littlestown, PA

20150626 Winners Bitch under judge Joe C Walton in Richmond, VA (4 pts)

20150627 Winners Bitch under judge Elizabeth Muthard in Richmond, VA (3 pts)

20150703 Reserve to the major under Judge JoAnne M Buehler, West Friendship, MD

20150906 Best of winners and major win (4pts) under Judge Miriam Paula Pontes, Bridgewater, NJ

20151128-29 Two first placements at an ASFA field trial (one without competition), (12 points), Littlestown, PA

20161112 Ember competed in her first LGRA race meet. She earned a first placement with competition! Hydes, MD.

20170311-12 Two first placements from the open class in ASFA with no competition (8 points), Littlestown, PA

20170326 - First place and Best of Breed at ASFA field trial (12 points) in Pennsville, New Jersey at JRRWA to earn her field Championship!.

Cumulative Points:


Ember is an ASFA Field Champion

Ember has 2 AKC Points out of 15 toward her FC

December, 2015:  Ember has been the victim of several bad experiences on the Coursing field. In 2015 alone, at separate events, she was bitten and then run off the field and attacked during two separate coursing trials. Previous to those incidents she was T-boned on the field by another dog. Because of so many negative experiences, her confidence has taken a toll, running with other dogs. I am working on her confidence and am running her selectively in the Singles and in Open classes. A BOB run is based on the dogs that are present that day.

Ember loves to run, and if she didn't love it so much, I wouldn't even try to take her. She barks at the lure and vibrates at the line. There is nothing else in life that makes her happier.

Above photos courtesy of Shody Lytle.

Ember's First Conformation Point 6/7/2014

Ember's First ASFA field trial and first Best In Field, May 2014

Ember at three years of age.

2012 Nationals, six months old

Ember above is in blue.