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Ember's Puppies

Ember was bred to Pirate (GCH Shabani's Royal Fortune) in June of 2016.

I am so proud of these puppies and their owners. Everyone has really put in the time to make sure their puppies are well socialized, trained, and good citizens of the canine community. 

Harper, Semper Fidelis Ashes of Fire

Litter Color: Purple
Current Weight: 79lbs
RR IVA DNA: Positive Homozygous
RR IVA Holter: NEGATIVE (unaffected)

Harper stayed here at Semper Fidelis. See more information on her page.

Health: Harper had some minor localized hives as a reaction to her rabies vaccine, but has since been healthy. Her genetic testing is now complete with results available at request and on her page.

Kachemak, Semper Fidelis Adonis of Eden

Litter Color: Green
Current Weight: 90lbs

RR IVA DNA: Positive Homozygous

Kachemak lives in Utah with Michael and his family. Kache lives with another RR sister Nahla and has a wonderful life in the mountains.  He is a super sweet boy who loves to snuggle.

Health: Kachemak has had a few reactions to his vaccines through a series of ear infections. They have been managed, but he may have some sort of environmental allergy. Kachemak was neutered April 2018.

Petita, Semper Fidelis Aina Petita

Litter Color: Pink
Current Weight: 77lbs
RR IVA DNA: Positive Homozygous
RR IVA Holter: @11 months Positive (will be holtered again in 4-6 months)

Petita lives with Virginia, Pablo and their three children in the DC area. She is sweet, but sassy, bossy and very independent. She likes to make her own rules. They are looking forward to possibly getting involved in some obedience and lure coursing.

Health: Petita had a major vaccine reaction as a puppy that we missed. We continued to vaccinate her as more symptoms appeared and her symptoms worsened. At her worst, she was itchy, covered in hives, and was plagued with an ongoing ear infection. We were finally able to get things under control through the use of a holistic veterinarian. Petita has a vaccine waiver and takes an allergy tincture to help keep her symptoms under control. She is also raw fed select proteins to reduce the incidence of symptoms. She does occasionally have flare-ups when the weather is humid and when the pollen is at its worst.

Felagi, Semper Fidelis ASH

Litter Color: Black
Current Weight: 106lbs
RR IVA DNA: Positive Homozygous

Felagi lives with Stephen in New York as his PTSD service dog. He was the puppy who picked up on training the easiest and quickest and retained the most. His potential as a service dog is limitless. His owner reports he is a dream on leash and has changed his life, giving him the freedom to function in society.

Health: No reported anomalies.

Maddox, Semper Fidelis Adamant Ash Maddox

Litter Color: Orange
Current Weight: 89lb
RR IVA DNA: Positive Homozygous

RR IVA Holter: NEGATIVE (unaffected)

Maddox lives with Julia and EJ in the Philadelphia area. Maddox is a vocal, fun boy and keeps them busy. He loves to run and play and is great with other dogs and kids.

Health: Maddox had a minor localized reaction to his rabies vaccine in the form of hives. It has not reappeared since.

Schmidt, Semper Fidelis Arch Exemplar

Litter Color: Red
Current Weight: 100lbs
RR IVA: Positive Homozygous.

Schmidt lives with Ellen, Rob, and their son Robbie in Annapolis, MD. He is  very sweet and fairly laid back.

Health: Schmidt needed surgery at around a year of age to have his bottom canines reduced due to his overbite. He recovered well and does not have any problems.