Striving for correct, healthy, performance-driven, versatility

About Us

I am located in eastern Maryland.

I will never be a high volume breeder that breeds a couple times a year as I have other hobbies outside of dogs that I enjoy. Having a house full of dogs limits my ability to do other non-dog related things and is not for me.

Diet and Health

My dogs have been fed a raw based diet since 2006. 

I believe in reduced vaccines

All breeding dogs are  health tested for genetic anomalies prior to breeding,

in the hopes to reduce the inheritance of genetic disease.

My Philosophy on Breeding Dogs...


I breed for what many pet owners would consider a "performance dog". However, I believe it is important to remember that not all dogs are worthy of the show ring or are breeding quality. 


I believe in breeding dogs only for the preservation of the breed. I also believe in reducing co-efficiency of inbreeding by carefully selecting mates. If a dog has nothing to contribute

to the gene pool, I believe that dog should not be bred. When I breed a litter, it is because I want

to keep a puppy for myself to go forward with a specific goal in mind.

I am a supporter of breed health and temperament testing and will provide all results

of this testing to potential puppy owners or upon request. 

There are many purebred Rhodesian Ridgebacks that need homes in rescue.

I support the efforts of rescue and regularly donate.

When I breed a litter I am looking for responsible owners who will do the best they can in making 

sure their dog gets the highest of care, and appropriate mental and physical exercise and diet.