Semper Fidelis Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Striving for correct, healthy, performance-driven, versatility

About Us

My name is Corey Turner. My husband and I live with our Ridgebacks about 30 minutes east of Baltimore, Maryland.


I have owned Rhodesian Ridgebacks since 2004 when I brought my first girl, Mika home from Virginia. She loved to Lure Course and this encouraged me to seek out a second dog since there wasn't much competition in our area at the time. I acquired my first show dog, Khoi from Tam Lyn Ridgebacks, in 2007. I showed Khoi to her first 11 points and then sent her with a handler to finish her championship. In 2010, I decided I should add a male to the mix, and this is when Siege came to live with me from Intrigue Ridgebacks after his owner passed away. Siege was a wonderful show dog and a great combination of his parents. After the decision to not use Khoi for breeding was made, I decided to look beyond the east coast for my fourth Ridgeback. I found Orangewood Ridgebacks in California. I flew out in June of 2012 to meet with Deborah and together we decided that I would bring home Ember from her Jax X Luna litter. I exclusively owner-handled Ember to her championship in 2015. I bred Ember to Pirate in June of 2016, which resulted in six, live ridged puppies. All puppies went to their new homes in October and Harper stayed with us.

Unlike most breeders I didn't jump into breeding right away. I watched, attended educational seminars, and learned from others mistakes. I am involved in the breed fancy and am passionate about where the breed type, health, temperament and function is going. I have been a RRCUS Member since 2007 and my dogs have participated in performance, obedience, hunting and conformation events. I have been involved with Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Inc, and was the state rescue coordinator for North Carolina when I lived there. I am an active board member of the Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club and member in good standing of the Chesapeake Bay Rhodesian Ridgeback Club and the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States. 

I have had many mentors along the way who have encouraged me and provided advice. I feel lucky to have owned some wonderful dogs and met a lot of really great people along the way. 

Most of all I could not have gotten where I am today without the support from my husband.

Diet and Health

Our dogs have been fed a raw based diet since 2006. I believe this is the best way for a large breed puppy to grow. We have seen slow, even growth in raw fed puppies and encourage owners to feed this way as well. We do understand that a raw diet does not work for everyone or every dog, so we encourage owners to seek out a high quality food that they can attain locally.

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We absolutely believe in reduced vaccines. Cramming your puppy with 4 or 5-way vaccines in one vet visit can wreak havoc on their young immune system. We strongly encourage all owners to vaccinate ONLY with Parvo and distemper either at home or by asking their vet to order the single dose vaccines before their visit. I provide all puppy owners with their puppy's first three vaccines (with instructions) so they may vaccinate at home, and avoid the germ infested vet offices.

We health test our breeding dogs prior to breeding, to reduce the inheritance of genetic disease.

My Philosophy on Breeding Dogs...

 I breed for what many pet owners would consider a "show dog". However, I believe it is important to remember that not all dogs are worthy of the show ring or are breeding quality. I will never "push" a show dog on a potential owner who is not interested in a show dog, as I know myself how much work it entails. I do however expect owners to take the time to properly socialize their puppy, attend puppy obedience classes and at least one other class with their puppy. I would hope that each owner would put forth the effort to at least attain the AKC Puppy S.T.A.R Certification and/or the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate on their puppy.


I believe in breeding dogs only for the preservation of the breed. If a dog has nothing to contribute to the gene pool, I believe that dog should not be bred. When I breed a litter, it is because I want to keep a puppy for myself to go forward with a specific goal in mind.

I am a huge supporter of breed health and temperament testing and will provide all results of this testing to potential puppy owners or upon request. 

There are many purebred Rhodesian Ridgebacks that need homes in rescue.

I support the efforts of rescue and regularly donate.

My heart and soul lies with the Ridgeback breed and I believe that it is important to promote the breed in a good light.