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2016 Summer Litter

"Pirate"  GCH DC Shabani's Royal Fortune SC 
"Ember"  B
IF CH Orangewood's Intriguing Semper Fidelis SC CGC

Daddy Pirate was bred and is owned by Bonnie Johnson of Shabani Ridgebacks in Massachusetts.
Momma Ember was bred by Orangewood Rhodesian Ridgebacks, in Valley Center, CA. She came to live with me at 8 weeks.

On August 6th, 2016, Ember whelped six beautiful babies.

All puppies have gone to their new homes.

For updates on the puppies in their new homes, visit Ember's Puppies page.

The First Few Days....

Two to Three Weeks

4 Week Headshots & Birth Information

Birth Information: 6 live puppies born. No tail kinks, no DS, no excessive white.

Our good friend Ann came to take the 4 week headshots and candids.

Ms. Purple  DOB: 06AUG16-0825

Female, Birth weight:11oz, Liver Nose, Red Wheaten, White Chest, LR white toes, Correct Ridge, Potential show/performance companion

Ms Purple is outgoing and not easily pushed around by her brothers. She seeks out play with siblings but is also happy to entertain herself. She is spunky with a little wild side, but settles easily. She is also very persistent.


Mr. Green  DOB: 06AUG16-1045

Male, Birth Weight 12oz, Black Mask & nose, Red Wheaten, White undercarriage, R & LF white toes, Correct Ridge, Companion, Overbite.

Dubbed "Runway" for his lovely Gazeley stripe running the length of his undercarriage. He is the smallest boy, but not pushed around by his siblings. He is active and seeks out his siblings in play. He is very sweet and laid back.


Ms. Pink  DOB: 06AUG16-1445

Female,  Birth Weight 8.5oz, Black Nose/clear face, Red Wheaten, White Chest, F & R white toes, Correct Ridge, Companion, Overbite.

Pinkie is just that... feminine, dainty, a little petite... but don't let that fool you. She can get in there with the big boys and push her weight around. She seeks their companionship and holds her own in play, often seeking out the biggest puppies to play with. She is also somewhat independent.

Mr. Black  DOB: 06AUG16-1835

Male, Birth weight 11.5oz, Black nose/clear faced, Red Wheaten, White chest, F & R white toes, Correct Ridge, Companion, Overbite, removed single rear dewclaws on both hind feet.

Mr. Black quickly became the biggest puppy. He is quite independent and can be found playing and sleeping by himself. He will play with the other puppies but is definitely independent. He is quite happy to entertain himself. He is confident, pushy, and a fast learner.

Mr. Orange  DOB: 06AUG16-2030

Male, Birth Weight: 11.3oz, Black Nose/mask, Red Wheaten, White Chest, RF & LF White toes, Correct Ridge, Potential show performance/Companion, removed double rear dewclaws on both hind feet.

Mr. Orange was the first to escape the whelping box and the first to realize that his screaming would get him picked up and snuggled. He is a champion snuggler! He is quite outgoing and instigates play with siblings. He will be a talkative fun puppy that will need to be kept busy.

Mr. Red  DOB: 07AUG16-0105

Male, Birth weight: 12.25oz, Black Mask/nose, Red Wheaten, White Chest, LR white toes, Correct Ridge, Companion, Overbite.

Mr Red is well... very red. He has tons of attitude and is the life of the party. He's always instigating play and is always looking to rile someone up. He announces mealtimes and never misses a meal. He was also the first puppy to cry at the door to go outside on his own. He will need to be kept busy as a youngster.

Four Weeks

Candid photos courtesy of Yager Photography

Five Weeks

Six Weeks

8 Week Head Shots

Our good friend Shody Lytle came to take the 8 week head shots and did a fantastic job!

Ms Purple is now Harper and lives here at Semper Fidelis.

Mr Green is now Kachemak and lives in Utah.

Ms Pink is now Petita and lives in Washington DC.

Mr Black is now Felagi and lives in New York.
Mr Orange is now Maddox and lives in Pennsylvania.
Mr Red is now Schmidt and lives in Maryland.

Potential Owner Information

When will my puppy get to come home with me?

Puppies will go to their new homes between 9-12 weeks. This is dependent on how they are maturing and when they hit their fear period. After doing some research I feel it is best to wait until after the 8 week fear period before sending puppies to their new homes. If you are flying in to pick up your puppy, you will take your puppy home between 8 - 9 weeks so they may fly in the cabin with you. Puppies will not fly in cargo.

When can we come visit the puppies?

After the puppies turn 5 weeks old, we will welcome visitors into our home.
It is absolutely paramount that the following rules are adhered to:
  -Do not visit any other puppies/breeders/vets before coming to visit our puppies.
  -Do not go to a dog show or any other outdoor event before coming to visit.
  -Please shower, wear clean clothes and either wear or bring clean socks.
  -If you have a dog at home, please be cautious about not handling your dog before coming to visit.
  -If you are visiting with your children, please ensure they know that puppies are not to be picked up.

How much will my puppy weigh?

Please see this chart from Kalahari Ridgebacks to determine the approximate weight of your puppy.

What do I need to have on hand for my new puppy?

I have put together a list of "must have" items that you will absolutely need when you bring your puppy home. This will also be included in your puppy in your puppy information packet that will go home with you. Follow this link to see the list of items.