Semper Fidelis Rhodesian Ridgebacks

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Khoi's Story

I acquired Khoi in 2007 from Tam Lyn Kennels, in Cary NC. I brought her home with the full intention of her being the foundation of Semper Fidelis Kennels.

As a young dog, Khoi was spunky and opinionated. She was full of herself and a drama queen. She did not like to be either too hot or too cold and had no problem letting me know of either.

I personally showed Khoi to her first 11 points. After several moves and a job change, I then asked Marie Glodowski to finish her Championship. After only a few entries Khoi easily finished her Championship. Khoi was a wonderful show dog and showed well. She went on to earn other titles in herding and hunting and also participated in Lure Coursing.

Soon I began her health testing screenings to prepare to breed her in 2010.

After 3 consecutive thyroid panels came back and none were normal, I made the decision to spay her.

Needless to say, this was a rough start for someone just getting their feet wet with breeding and all that entails in the fancy of dogs. I did the right thing by having her spayed and not perpetuating future generations of hypothyroid dogs, however it was a blow to what I had already put into it.

This is how we learn to do the right thing, however hard that may be.

Khoi now lives in North Carolina with her owner Sam. I chose to re-home her since I would not be using her in a breeding program. She is medicated twice daily for autoimmune thyroiditis. She is an only dog and spoiled beyond belief. She runs with her owner and has miles of tank trails to explore on Camp Lejeune. Sam is an excellent example of an active duty military member who is responsible in knowing that he could at any time deploy and has made provisions for her to stay with friends or family while he is away for training or deployed overseas.

The details of Khoi's autoimmune thyroiditis can be found by clicking here.